Science, Technology, and Society
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Core Courses

The following courses form a partial list of the 'core' courses from which students would draw on to develop an STS program. Additional courses are often added for each semester. 

  • ECON 265 Development from the Ground Up, Prof. DeSilva
  • HIST / PSY 172 History of Medicine and Psychiatry, Prof. Arikha
  • HIST 161 Introduction to the History of Technology and Socio-Technical Systems, Prof.Moynahan
  • HIST 251 Knowledge and Society in the Scientific Revolution, Prof. Stroup
  • PHIL 220 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, Prof. Shein
  • SHP 224 History of Science in the Post-War Period (1950-2000), Prof. Skiff
  • SHP 222 History of Science Before Newton, NS. 222 (3000 B.C.E. to 1700), Prof. Skiff
  • SHP 223 History of Science in the Modern Period (1700-1950), Prof. Skiff
  • SHP 227 Philosophy of Science, Prof. Skiff

Partial List of Standing Cross-Listed Courses

  • ARTH 113 History of Photography, Laurie Dahlberg
  • ARTH 298 The History of the Museum, Susan Merriam
  • BIO 125 Global Change, Catherine O'Reilly
  • BIO 268 / PHIL 268 Issues in Bioethics
  • CHEM 130 Chemistry of the Environment
  • CHEM 135 Forensic Chemistry, Prof. Anderson
  • CS 103 Great Ideas in Computer Science (and How They Make the Internet Work)
  • CMSC 353 Modeling and Simulation, Sven Anderson
  • FILM / IA 301 MC:Live Video and Systems of Surveillance, Jacqueline Goss
  • FILM 362 Electronic Discourses: Art and the Internet, Jacqueline Goss
  • HIST 167 The History of Sexuality
  • HIST 280A American Environmental History I: Nature, Ecology and Conservation
  • HIST 280B American Environmental History II: The Postwar Era
  • HIST 354 The Invisible World, Prof. Stroup
  • HIST 2391, Reason and Passions, Prof. Stroup
  • HIST 2500 From Sun Tzu to Suicide Bombing: The Evolution and Practice of Military Strategy, Tactics, and Ethics from Ancient Times to the Present
  • HIST 3112 Plague!, Prof. Stroup
  • HIST 3341 Infrastructure History: Technology, Society, and the Transformation of Modern Life from Standard Time to the Internet, Prof. Moynahan
  • MATH 135 Game Theory, Prof. Halsey
  • MATH 137 Mathematics of the Pre-modern Era, Prof. Suzuki
  • MATH 322 Operational Research, Prof. Halsey
  • MUS 345 Introductory Psychoacoustics, Robert Bielecki
  • PSY 348 The Man and the Experiment that Shocked the World: The Work and Legacy of Stanley Milgram, Stewart Levine
  • SHP 111 Schroedinger's Cat and All That, Prof. Deady
  • SHP 225 Einstein
  • SHP 227 Science and Pseudoscience

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