Science, Technology, and Society
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  • Prof. Matt Deady (Professor of Physics)
  • Prof. Greg Moynahan (Associate Professor of History)

Core Faculty

  • Prof. Paul Cadden-Zimansky (Assistant Professor of Physics)
  • Prof. Laurie Dahlberg (Associate Professor of Art History)
  • Prof. Sanjay DeSilva (Assistant Professor of Economics)
  • Prof. Jacqueline Goss (Associate Professor of Film and Electronic Arts)
  • Prof. Mark Halsey (Associate Professor of Mathematics; Vice President for institutional Research and Assessment)
  • Prof. Gregory Moynahan (Associate Professor of History)
  • Prof. Keith O'Hara (Assistant Professor of Computer Science) 
  • Prof. David Shein (Philosophy; Assistant Dean of the College)
  • Prof. Sophia Stamatopoulou-Robbins (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)
  • Prof. Alice Stroup (Professor of History)

Associated Faculty

  • Prof. Bob Bielecki (Visiting Assistant Professor of Music)
  • Prof. Maria Sachiko Cecire, (Assistant Professor of Literature; Director, Experimental Humanities)
  • Prof. Felicia Keesing (Associate Professor of Biology)
  • Prof. Yuka Suzuki (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)


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Matt Deady
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Greg Moynahan
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Address: Bard College
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