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Academic Requirements

General Course Requirements

General Course Requirements for the Concentration in STS include:

  1. Three courses in the "Science, Mathematics and Computing" division, preferably with a one year sequence in one field. AP science courses may count towards this requirement
  2. Two 'core' courses in STS
  3. Two further STS cross-listed courses, one of which will be outside of the student's home division.
  4. A methodology class, usually in policy analysis or statistics, is recommended but not required. 
  5. A  senior project informed by themes relating to the social role of science and technology as it relates to the topic of the student's primary concentration. 

Due to its nature as a concentration, it is assumed that for many students their 'home' program already covers some of these requirements.

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Moderation requirements:

  1. Two courses in the SMC division (AP science courses may count towards this requirement)
  2. One core course in STS 
  3. A written description of the student's specific plan of study in the upper college and the particular sequence of courses the student is interested in. Slight modification of the core requirements (e.g. a two course math sequence could be considered at this point.
  4. Moderation at the same time as moderation into the 'primary' division is encouraged, although this can also be accomplished at a different time.
The student's plan for a sequence of courses at moderation will be particularly important in more established fields of interest within STS such as the "History and Philosophy of Science," and "Non-Fiction Science Education and Documentation." In these cases, students would be required to complete particular key courses in the program. The HPS focus, for instance, would require the student to take additional advanced courses in the history and philosophy of science; the tract in science education and documentation would require a greater number of science courses as well as a suggested internship

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Core Courses

Also see the Courses page for current and cross-listed courses.

The following courses form the present list of the 'core' courses from which students could draw to develop an STS program

  • ECON 265 Development from the Ground Up, Prof. DeSilva
  • HIST / PSY 172 History of Medicine and Psychiatry
  • HIST 161 Introduction to the History of Technology and Socio-Technical Systems, Prof. Moynahan
  • HIST 251 Knowledge and Society in the Scientific Revolution, Prof. Stroup
  • PHIL 220 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science, Prof. Shein
  • SHP 224 History of Science in the Post-War Period (1950-2000)
  • SHP 222 History of Science Before Newton, NS. 222 (3000 B.C.E. to 1700)
  • SHP 223 History of Science in the Modern Period (1700-1950)
  • SHP 227 Philosophy of Science

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